Vienna to Prague

Trains from Vienna to Prague (2018 timetable):

 Train Number
Rj1030 RJ 70 RJ 72 Rj1032 RJ 74 RJ 76 Rj1034 RJ 78 RJ 370 Rj1036 RJ 372 EN 406*
 Train Name
RegioJet  Gustav Mahler
 Bedřich Smetana 
RegioJet  Franz Schubert 
 Antonín Dvořák 
RegioJet  Johann Strauss 
 Joseph Haydn 
RegioJet  W.A.Mozart 

Wien Hbf.

(Vienna Central Station)


7:10 9:10 10:30 11:10 13:10 14:30 15:10 17:10 18:30 19:10 22:10
Brno 8:05 8:36 10:36 12:07 12:36 14:36 16:07 16:36 18:36 20:07 20:36 00:54

Praha hl.n.

(Prague Main Station) 

10:42 11:07 13:07 14:42 15:07 17:07 18:42 19:07 21:07 22:39 23:14 6:04

* EuroNight (EN) Chopin train is actually a Vienna to Warsaw train which is along with carriages the traveling to Poland has a group of through carriages Vienna-Prague, these carriages get reattached from 'Chopin' train to 'Metropol' (Budapest-Prague) at the Czech station Breclav

Trains Tickets from Vienna to Prague? When traveling between the capitals of Austria & Czech Republic potential passengers can purchase different types of train tickets, choosing the right type of rail ticket can save you a lot of money:


Alternatives? Perhaps you aren't in the mood to travel from Vienna to Prague using direct train, then you have a few other options to consider: a) you can always travel by bus (major bus companies operating on Vienna to Prague route are EuroLines, RegioJet/Student Agency & FlixBus); b) travel with stopover in some interesting place (e.g. already mentioned earlier Brno or Cesky Krumlov or even Slovak Bratislava); c) in case you in a hurry, then it's possible to fly from Vienna to Prague - Austrian Airlines offer direct flights between the capitals at least 3 times per day