Europe Trains Guide



Step by step Guide to Buying Tickets via Austrian Railways (ÖBB) website


OeBB has relatively simple & easy to use Online Ticket Shop, but it's still good idea to have a step by step guide on how to use it...


1) Open Austrian Railways (OeBB) website, most likely it will be in German (default language), thus what you'll need to do first is a) click on OeBB logo in the left upper corner, once you do so should appear sidebar table on the left side, then b) go to the bottom and click 'English':



1b) Now OeBB website should be in English and you can proceed by clicking 'Book Ticket now'-->



2) Once you've clicked 'Book Ticket now' a new tab will open, it means you are in Austrian Railways (OeBB) ticket shop. Select departure & arrival stations (e.g.Austria-Austria or Austria-abroad destination) -->


To select the date you need to click on the window with the current date (by default it will be today's date & nearest to now departure time). Keep in mind that Austrian Railways start selling discounted Sparschiene tickets as early as 6 months prior to departure day


When you are finished with the date selection, click on 'Done' in the right upper corner


3) To confirm the journey click on the small route window that will appear after you've selected your date -->



3b) Next will appear a webpage with all the available connections, here you can see the schedule, train types and fares (by default will be listed cheapest tickets per each departure, e.g. discounted Sparschiene) --->


Make your choice & click on the field next to the ticket fare in order to proceed


4) On the Ticket Offer page that will appear next you should once again review all the travel information (date, fare, number of passengers traveling, dep./arr. stations), perhaps add some extras (e.g. upgrade to first class or add seat reservation) --->


When finished simply click on red 'Add to Basket' button and you will be redirected to the passenger's details page --->


Fill in passenger's first & last name (remember that you might be asked to present your photo ID, thus name you enter should match the one in your ID documents). OeBB will also ask whether you want the website to remember passenger's details for any future trips, you can agree or not, it's not very important. Next click on 'Done' in the upper right corner

5) Finally you will be redirected to 'Payment details' page --->


Once again make sure the journey details/fare is correct and decide on your payment method (easiest option is the bank card) --->


(a) enter your email to receive confirmation, (b) enter your bank card number, c) card's validity date & d) 3 digit CVV code (can be found on the back of your card). Final step - push 'Pay Now' button to finalize your ticket purchase

6) If your payment went through ok, you'll recieve your ticket in PDF format. Good luck with your journey :)