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Message:   Great thanks again.  And will be usually booking in early Feb (as I always get the best
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January 21, 2015, 04:02:09 pm
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January 12, 2015, 02:24:08 pm
Topic: Re: Croatia to Albania
Message: Great.  Thanks for clarifying the buscroatia website that I had found.  I will just look a
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January 08, 2015, 04:53:10 pm
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Message:   Yes I did look at Ulcinj did look pretty interesting and figure it would be a lot nicer and m
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January 07, 2015, 03:39:34 pm
Portugal (CP) E-mail

Country info: Portuga

Rail companies: CP (Comboios de Portugal)

Portuguese Rail Network Map 

Currency: Euro



Train travel in Portugal: train types, tickets, fares, discounts & other useful info


National Train Service:

Train types in Portugal: Urban (urbano)/Suburban (suburbano), Regional/InterRegional, InterCidades (InterCity), Alfa Pendular trains & International (internacionais) trains

  • Urban/Suburban (marked by specific names like 'Azambuja', 'Sado', 'Aveiro' etc. on CP website) – trains serving urban & suburban network systems in Lisbon & Porto, no seat reservation required
  • Regional/InterRegional (marked as 'R' & 'IR' on CP website)  – short & medium distance service on regional routes all over Portugal, no seat reservation required
  • Intercidades (marked as 'IC' on CP website) - intercity service connecting major Portugal cities & towns, seat reservation compulsory
  • Alfa Pendular (marked as 'AP' on CP website) - high-speed service on CP major line Faro-Lisbon-Coimbra-Porto-Braga, seat reservation mandatory
  • International (marked as 'IN') - daytime (Porto to Vigo) & overnight (Lisbon to Madrid 'Lusitânia Comboio Hotel' and Lisbon to Irun/Hendaye 'Sud-Expresso') international trains connecting Portugal with Spain & France


 Discounts, special offers & ways to save money for passengers traveling by trains in Portugal (CP):

  1. Passengers purchasing tickets in advance can take advantage of CP special offer (net Ticket) allowing up to 40% discount on journeys using InterCidades & Alfa Pendular trains. Discounted tickets are marked by yellow star () on CP website (however passengers should take into consideration that such tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded)
  2. Passengers planning short or medium distance trips in Portugal can save some money by using slightly slower Regional & InterRegional trains instead of more expensive InterCidade & Alfa Pendular trains. For instance full standard fare ticket for the journey from Lisbon to Coimbra on Regional trains costs only 13,55 euro, while same journey on InterCidades trains will cost passenger 19,2 euro, on Alfa Pendular trains even higher - 22,8 euro
  3. Passengers purchasing full price return tickets (Regional, InterRegional, InterCidades & Alfa Pendular trains) for distance >91 km receive 10% discount
  4. Youth passengers <26 years old recieve 25% discount on all the tickets for Regiona, InterRegional, InterCidades & Alfa Pendular trains
  5. Passengers traveling by Alfa Pendular, Intercidades or Lusitânia Comboio Hotel trains eligible to receive special discount (up to 25% off) on some hotels (Tivoli, Sofitel, Mercure, Novotel, Ibis) in Portugal. Everything passenger needs to do is to show train ticket while checking in
  6. Passengers planning to travel extensively on urban/suburban trains in Lisbon or Porto can take advantage of the special CP program - 10 Journeys for the price of 9 (with a 10-Journey ticket you can take ten trips for the price of nine)
  7. CP also offers special family/group (from 3 to 9 passengers travelling together) discounts on Regional, Intercidades and Alfa Pendular trains. For instance for train tickets for journeys in InterCidades & Alfa Pendular trains families (not necessarily close relatives) receive 50% discount for any return journeys during weekend (same or following)
  8. Passengers planning multiple train journeys in Portugal might consider purchasing SCIC-NRT international ticket for domestic journeys in Portugal (more info about use of international tickets for domestic train trips can be found 'Western Europe-how cheap it can be?'). For instance ticket from the very south of Portugal - Faro (Algarve) - to the very north of the country - Braga (via Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto etc.) valid for 15 days & allowing unlimited stopovers (=basically meaning that it an be used as train pass for the predefined route) on the way costs only 47,2 euro


International Train Service:

a) Regular discounts

  • 20% discount is given for passengers purchasing standard return tickets for 'Lusitânia Comboio Hotel' train (from Lisbon to Madrid) & 'Sud-Expresso' train (from Lisbon to Irun & Hendaye). For instance full standard one-way ticket from Lisbon-Madrid for adult passenger cost 60,5 euro, while return ticket for the same route is 96, 8 euro, for passengers <26 & >60 years old it's 45,4 euro for one way or 90,8 euro for return train ticket Lisbon to Madrid
  • 25% discount is granted to passengers <26 and >60 years old for journeys on Lisbon to Madrid 'Lusitânia Comboio Hotel' & Irun/Hendaye 'Sud-Expresso' trains (both one-way & return tickets)
  • cp_urbanos_train
    Porto to Vigo (CELTA service): one-way tickets 14,75 euro (11,05 euro for passengers <26 and >60 years old) or 23,6 euro return 

b) Special offers (SparSchiene)

  • Spain: Promo & Promo+ offer from Lisbon to Madrid with 'Lusitania' overnight train (seat from only 24,2 euro, couchettes from only 33,6 euro, from Coimbra to Madrid (seats from only 20,4 euro, couchttes from 33,6 euro), from Lisbon to San Sebastian with 'Sud-Expresso' overnight train (seats from 27,6 euro, couchettes from 37,6 euro), from Coimbra to San Sebastian (seats from 25 euro, couchettes from 37,6 euro) etc.
  • France: Promo & Promo+ offer from Lisbon to Hendaye with with 'Sud-Expresso' overnight train (seats from 27,6 euro, couchettes from 37,6 euro), from Coimbra to Hendaye (seats from 25,2 euro, couchettes 37,6 euro)

c) CityStars

Not available

Youth & Senior passengers holding Rail Plus Cards eligible for 25% discount on CP international tickets

SCIC-NRT tariff tickets can be as well used for international journeys to/from Portugal (more details about such tariff 'trick' at 'Western Europe-how cheap it can be? section)


How to Buy Train Tickets in Portugal:

National (domestic) tickets can be purchased online via CP website - www.cp.p

International tickets (Lisbon to Madrid 'Lusitânia Comboio Hotel' & Lisbon to Irun/Hendaye 'Sud-Expresso' trains) can be purchased online via Spanish Railways (RENFE) website -


Do you still have further questions or want to share your own travel experience? You are welcome on our Forum page


Information contained on this website is for general information purposes only. While we make every attempt to manage and update all the data regarding ticket fares, discounts, travel options etc., gives no assurance or warranty regarding the accuracy, timeliness, or applicability of any of the content or information on the site. is not a profit oriented company or travel agency, we just a small website created by group of rail fans in order to share knowledge & expertise about traveling by train in Europe. Therefore, we’ll appreciate any help/corrections from your side, in case you’ve noticed a mistake or know some additional information that might help other fellow travelers please contact us at, lets together make European rail travel easier & cheaper