Tips for Western Europe


Is it possible to travel on budget in Western Europe? How cheap it can be?

If you are planning a vacation in Europe and searching for answers to questions like where, when and how to buy cheapest train tickets and save money? Or maybe it's better to go with one of the European rail passes (e.g. Eurail, Interrail, Swiss pass) instead? These questions are being asked by almost any traveler before their new rail adventure. Our team of rail fans will try share with you a few tips/tricks on European rail travel & in some sense guide you through the realm of cheap tickets, rail offers and the entire system of European trains in general. First important thing to know is that rail travel and ticket fares differ depending on the region of Europe. Countries like France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Switzerland or Italy have rather reliable and well working rail networks with some modern trains which help passengers travel to the other part of the country in a matter of hours, but at the same time traveling by train in Western Europe can be quite expensive no matter whether you travel within one particular country (domestic journeys) or plan an international trip. So the question is: do we really need to pay for those expensive full fare train ticket? Or is it possible to find a way to travel cheaper and thus save your money? 

We do believe that if you know how tariffs and rail fare systems work and/or have experience traveling by train in Europe, then it is almost always possible to find a way to save on your rail travel expenses and simply pay way less than most of other passengers do. Interested? Our team is happy to share with you some of those useful ticket fare secrets, so let's look at a few simple tips for your next on budget rail journey:

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