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Country info: Russia (Россия)

Rail companies: RZD (Российские Железные Дороги)

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Russian Rail Network Map 

Currency: 1 euro =app. 75 Russian Rubles (RUB) 


Train travel in Russia: train types, tickets, fares, discounts & other useful info


National Train Service:

Train types in Russian Federation: Suburban (Пригородные), Suburban Express (Скорые Пригородные), Local (Местные), Passenger (Пассажирские); Express (Скорые) & High-Speed (Скоростные)


Long-distance trains (either 'Passenger' or 'Express') can as well be 'upgraded' and having so-called 'brand', which makes these trains 'Branded Trains' (фирменные поезда). RZD 'branded' trains are easy to recognize since usually they have special train name (e.g. "Russia" for Moscow to Vladivostok, "Amber" for Moscow to Kaliningrad, "Red Arrow" for Moscow to St.Petersburg), painted in unique livery and have newer carriages and shorter travel time compared to the other trains on the same route.

NB: in Russia for domestic journeys ticket and seat reservation are printed on one ticket sheet


Types of carriages in RZD trains:


Discounts, special offers & ways to save money for passengers traveling by train in Russia (RZD):

                Period Valid # of days
    Indexation Coefficient
1 January - 10 January
10 1,10 (higher by 10%)
11 January - 18 February
0,90 (cheaper by 10%)
19 February - 23 February
4 1,15 (higher by 15%)
24 February - 3 March
0,90 (cheaper by 10%)
4 March - 8 March
1,15 (higher by 15%)
9 March - 28 April
0,90 (cheaper by 10%)
29 April - 9 May 11
1,15 (higher by 15%)
10 May - 26 May 17
0,90 (cheaper by 50%)
27 May - 9 June
1,05 (higher by 15%)
10 June - 31 August
1,15 (cheaper by 10%)
1 September - 30 September
1,05 (higher by 15%)
1 October - 2 November
 0,90 (cheaper by 10%)
3 November - 6 November
1,15 (higher by 15%)
7 November - 16 December 40
0,90 (higher by 20%)
17 December - 22 December 6
1,00 (higher by 20%)
23 December - 28 December 6
1,05 (higher by 20%)
29 December - 30 December 2
1,15 (higher by 20%)
31 December 1
1,00 (higher by 20%)

What it all means? It means that passenger can pay either 90% or up to 115% from the regular fare in 'kupe' or 'Lux/SV' carriages depending on the day of the year


Traveling by train in Russia can be rather expensive, especially for passengers planning to visit many destinations or travel to the far east parts of Russian Federation. For instance journey on one of the most popular travel routes from Moscow to Vladivostok on the well-known Russian train Rossija (#1/2) lasts 145 hours and 9259 km, while ticket for such experience in 'kupe' carriage costs around 20k rubles (~400 euro) one way, expensive isn't it?

However there are some tricks on how it is possible to save money on such long distance travels in Russia. One is international train tickets for domestic Russian journeys, best deal here comes probably from Slovakia. Slovak Railwys (ZSSK) sell special CityStar ticket to Russia, which under certain conditions can be a good option for Trans Siberian travel. Let's look at some numbers of Slovakia-Russia CityStar (via Ukraine): CityStar ticket (Russia >1500km) costs 134,4 euro (one adult), while each next passenger pays only 50% or 67,2 euro, and that is the ticket price for return journey any station in Slovakia-Vladivostok-any station in Slovakia. Although it is only price of the ticket, but potential passengers will still need to buy sleeper reservations for trains they take on the road (unfortunately since a few years ago sleeper reservation for Russian trains aren't that cheap as they used to be, but still). For example sleeper reservation from Bratislava to Moscow (through carriage via Zilina, Kosice and  Ukraine) costs 32 euro, from Moscow to Vladivostok 231 euro(?), from Moskva to Irkutsk 155 euro(?), from Irkutsk to Vladivostok 134 euro(?) etc.

Similar international ticket 'trick' can be played using MPT tickets, for instance for traveling from Moscow to Irkutsk it can be cheaper to purchase international ticket Moscow-Irkutsk-first station in Mongolia (Suhbaatar) and then just get additional sleeper reservation Moscow-Irkutsk

(With 2014-2015 Russian ruble devaluation, use of international tickets for domestic journeys in Russia mostly lost its sense)



International Train Service:

Tariffs for international tickets used by Russian Railways (RZD):

a) Regular discounts

b) Special offers (SparSchiene)

c) CityStars

Offer similar to CityStar in Russia is called 'Ekonomnye ceny' (Экономные цены), it is available for Russia-Montenegro (via Romania and Bulgaria) & Russia-Slovakia, Russia-Bulgaria connections

Ticket fares to some popular international destinations (cheapest 2nd class tickets): Moscow to Vienna (151,05 euro for adults or 105,74 euro for youth/seniors), Moscow to Budapest (via Poland) 174,90 euro, Moscow to Berlin (train #23/24, 121,35 euro for adults or 84,95 euro for youth/seniors), Moscow to Milan (train #17/18, 211,76 euro for adults or 148,23 euro for youth/seniors), Moscow to Warsaw (train #23/24, 98,01 euro for adults or 68,01 euro for youth/seniors), Moscow to Paris (train #23/24, 173,10 euro for adults or 121,17 euro for youth/seniors), Moscow to Prague (train #21/22, 147,54 euro for adults or 103,28 euro for youth/seniors), etc.



How to Buy Train Tickets in Russia:

National (domestic), interstate (to former USSR countries) and international (global price based) tickets can be purchased via RZD website -



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