Train travel in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc.

Traveling by train in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other former Soviet countries in most cases is very affordable (--> relatively cheap train tickets) and common type of transportation, especially in terms of budget travel options and accessibility for ordinary passengers. Even more, rail transport in many instances is the only mean of transportation in terms of reasonable time vs. money vs. number of changes framework. However, traveling by train in post-Soviet countries can be quite different rail experience compared to train travel in Western or even Central Europe. The few distinctive features of the 'Russian' rail system are: a) due to longer travel distances most of the connections are served by overnight trains with sleepers & couchettes only, while on very few occassions passengers can count on a daytime high-speed trains (like route Moscow to Saint Petersburg with Sapsan train); b) European train passes (like Eurail Pass or InterRail) are not valid for train travel in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc., as result passengers must rely more or less on the old style point-to-point train tickets; c) buying Ukrainian/Belarus/Russian train tickets can be quite tricky, because although rail companies do have some kind of English language versions of their websites, but it can be not always very functional unless you can read in Cyrillic; d) cheap train travel is definitely characteristic feature of Ukrainian Rail and Belarus Rail companies, but maybe it is less so in case of Russian Rail. Nevertheless majority of train companies in the region still offer certain rail ticket discounts, although these offers and discounts usually are a bit different compared to promo offers and discounts given by European rail companies.

So, here we offer you a few tips on cheap rail travel in Russia & Ukraine:


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